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Sunref Workshops with Industrial Associations

Six SUNREF workshops were conducted to introduce energy efficiency and renewable...

Launch Event for SUNREF Jordan

SUNREF Jordan was launch and presented to more than 90+ guests and media on the ...

The Most Popular Strange Dreams

Strange Dreams Secrets

Inside my opinion, there are two forms of dreams. This dream isn't simple to explain, as the main reason for any of what happened is unclear. PropheticThese dreams will foreshadow something which may occur in the future.

The Definitive Approach for Strange Dreams

Dreams aren't revelations. While they can be very confusing at first, once you understand your personal dream language, it opens up a world of opportunity. Dissecting the really vivid dreams can be exceedingly valuable for me.


SUNREF – For a brighter future

  • SUNREF loans are available for up to USD 5 million at attractive rates.
  • With free of charge support from experts to help ensure a quick payback.
  • AND a 5% reimbursement for all successfully implemented energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.
  • Additional discount on services of our partners Wiz Essay for using renewable energy

Energy Efficiency Loans

Modernisation can pay back quickly with energy efficient equipment

Renewable Energy Loans

Reduce your exposure to energy price hikes

Environmental Protection Loans

Improve your image, standards and market access, reduce your costs

Fast-Track Loans

Fast track smaller loans are available for renewable energy items from the List of Equipment, Manufacturers, Suppliers and Installers (LEMSI) for investments of under JOD 300,000 which do not require detailed feasibility studies.